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qīngmng 清 明 d m tng 杜 牧 (唐)qīngmngshjiyǔfēnfēn 清 明 时 节 雨 纷 纷, lshngxngrnydunhn 路 上 行 人 欲 断 魂。 jiwnjiǔjiāhchyǒu 借 问 酒 家 何 处 有, mtngyozhǐxnghuācūn 牧 童 遥 指 杏 花

Chinese Opera

Chinese opera is a popular form of drama and musical theatre in China with roots going back as far as the third century CE.

The Theatre in China

In China, theatre has a long and complex history. Nowadays it is often named Chinese opera although this normally refers particularly for the much more well-known forms like Beijing Opera and Cantones...

The 6 Main Type of Chinese Carving Art

With a long-time history, Chinese carving art has survived and thrived in its long development method. As a result of notable cultural variations, Chinese carving art varies tremendously from its coun...

Chinese Seal Carving

The Introduction of Chinese Seal Carving Chinese culture has long appreciated its arts and artists, and seal carving is among the oldest of those identified within the country.

Chinese Carving Tools

The first Chinese constructed from stone carving equipment, iron and copper and bronze and later on. From the 15th century, Chinese craftsmen had been making use of metal scissors to create very attra...

Chinese Wood Carving

An Introduction to Chinese Wood Carving Chinese wood carving is certainly one of Chinese traditional arts. China has a time-honored history of wood carving.

Chinese Landscape Painting

Chinese painting is far more concerned with water based strategies, instead of oils or acrylics, it is different from the Western art, Moreover, Chinese painting is traditionally more stylized.

Chinese Wash Painting

The ink and wash painting is identified because the traditional Chinese Painting in China. It really is one of China ancient cultural heritages. The background from the ink and wash painting is extend...

Chinese Painting and Calligraphy

Thousand years of background has left China precious treasure of art. Classic Chinese arts are expressed in the types of painting, calligraphy, music, dancing, opera, gardening, sculpture and standard...

Chinese Painting Arts

Chinese painting is one of the oldest continuous artistic traditions in the world. Painting in the traditional style is known right now in Chinese as guó huà, instead of Western types of art which bec...

Chinese Architectural Features

Chinese architecture has its own particular style in the globe architecture. It employs distinct structural components which incorporate civil building, brick work, timber building and bamboo construc...

The Four Types of Architecture in China

Chinese architecture has a extended history and fantastic achievements, and developed a lot of architectural miracles such as being the Great Wall.

The Introduction of Chinese Architecture

In general, a Chinese structure is depending on the principle of balance and symmetry. Office buildings, residences, temples, and palaces all follow the principle the main structure will be the axis.

The Architecture in Some Famous City

China is the largest country in East Asia and the most populous country in the world. China contains the world's longest human-made structure and some of the world's most ancient architecture.