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Chinese Wedding Dress

One of the most notable characteristics of the Chinese wedding ceremony is the wedding ceremony dress, or maybe we say dresses.

The Costumes of Ethnic Minorities in China

China is home to 56 ethnic groups, whose own traits and traditions are expressed in their unique garments and ornaments with distinctive decoration.

Chinese Dressing in Qing Dynasty

In ancient, it really is easy for men and women to be distinguished from his daily dress, particularly for your ordinary folks and upper-class.

Three Types of Chinese Clothing

Traditional Chinese clothing reflects the Chinese people’s ancient way of life. It is an outward expression of elegance as well as a reflection of internal symbolism.

The Han Chinese Clothing

Han Chinese Clothing, also sometimes known as Hanzhuang, Huafu, and sometimes referred in English sources simply as Silk Robe.

Features of Chinese Clothing

China clothes may be the emblem of Chinese tradition, at the same time as an essential element within the background and culture of every dynasty.

The Introduction of Chinese Costume

Chinese clothes will be the clothes, ancient and modern day, which the Chinese folks wore. Chinese clothes have varied by area and time, and are recorded by the artifacts and arts of Chinese culture.