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China Dragon Boat Festival

The Origin of Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional holiday that commemorates the life and death of the famous Chinese scholar Qu Yuan (Chu Yuan). The festival occurs on the fifth day of the fifth month on the Dragon Boat FestivalChinese lunar calendar. The festival gets its name from the races between long boats decorated like dragons, which still take place, especially in South China and symbolise the attempt to rescue the poet from the river. The traditional food consists of pyramid-shaped dumplings made of sticky rice, wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves and steamed. They recall the tradition that people threw rice in the water to feed the fishes so that they would not devour Qu Yuan's body.

The Background of Festival

Quyuan was a high court official of the State of Chu in the period of the warring states. Wut Yuan wrote beautiful and passionate poems for his country, against the evil officials. He was upright , loyal and highly esteemed for his wise counsel that had brought peace and prosperity to the kingdom. Eventually, he became disillusioned and he took his own life by drowning himself in the Milo River. People were so upset by the loss of Qu Yuan, they searched desperately in their boats looking for Qu Yuan but were unable to save him. The local people began the tradition of throwing sacrificial cooked rice into the river for Qu Yuan, while others believed that the rice would prevent the fishes in the river from eating Qu Yuan’s body. Today, the Dragon Boat races commemorate Qu Yuan's death. The boats, ranging in length from 45 to 120 feet long, are decorated with colourful pennants and a fierce head of a dragon at the front of the boat, driving it on to victory. The dragons are searching the water for Quyuan's body, symbolically, of course. Every year the Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated to commemorate this attempt at rescuing Qu Yuan.

What Does Men and Women Usually Do in Duanwu Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival can be a celebration where several eat Zongzi, drink realgar wine, and race dragon boats. Other activities contain hanging icons of Zhong Kui, Dragon Boat Festivalhanging mugwort and calamus, taking long walks, writing spells and wearing perfumed medicine bags. All of those activities and games like creating an egg stand at noon had been regarded by the ancients as an efficient way of stopping disease, evil, even though promoting very good well being and well-being. Individuals occasionally put on talismans to fend off evil spirits or they might hang the image of Zhong Kui, a guardian against evil spirits, on the door of their properties.It really is mentioned that should you can balance a raw egg on its end at exactly noon on Double Fifth Day, the rest on the year is going to be lucky. The hanging of calamus and moxa on the front door, the pasting up images of Chung Kuei, drinking hsiung huang wine and holding fragrant sachets are said to possess qualities for stopping evil and bringing peace. One more custom practiced in Taiwan is "fetching noon water," in which individuals draw properly water on the afternoon from the festival within the belief that it'll remedy all illnesses.