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The Chinese Food for Some Special Days

There are many different kind of foods in China. Apart from the everyday dishes, you can find foods for particular days. The following contents will introduce the meals in some unique days in China.

1. The Food on Birthday
In China, To rejoice a birthday is a vital time during people’s life. When someone particular is a young person, generally he will eat noodles and birth day cake on his/her birthday, because the lengthy noodles means the longevity in China. When people is in the middle age, his birthday celebration will grander. Besides the above, peaches in lots of types will likely be added delightful couplets, candles, symbolizing longevity and immortality at people’s birthday.

Food on Wedding Day2. The Food on Wedding Day
On the wedding day, The menu should consist only of the finest Chinese food, including roast pig, fresh fruit of all types, lobster, abalone and other Chinese delicacies. It is also customary to serve Chinese dates, peanuts, longan and chestnuts as a wish that the couple will soon have a baby, in accord with the Chinese proclamation.

3. The Food on Dragon Boat Festival
In the Dragon Boat Festival, virtually all of people will eat the exclusive foodstuff -zongzi, a pyramid-shaped dumpling which is created by glutinous rice that wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves. The festival is to venerate the great poet Qu Yuan, the individuals are afraid that his lack of food, so they make the special food for him. Now the zongzi is produced in various varieties and forms.

4. The Food on Laba Festival
It is on the eighth day of the last month of every year in the Chinese lunar calendar, The two most important traditions associated with laba Festival are eating laba porridge, and praying for peace and good health in the coming year. Filled with nuts and dried fruit, laba porridge serves Food on Laba Festivalas a symbol of good fortune, long life, and fruitful harvest. Buddhist tradition equates porridge with good fortune. The custom of eating laba porridge is not only an expression of respect for Buddha and the ancestral spirits. Laba porridge is also a very nourishing and healthful food.

5. The Food on Baby's Beginning
In China, when a baby is born, the satisfied father will send red boiled eggs to announce the news. Eggs using a black pointed conclude and dots within an even amount this kind of as 6 or 8, it signifies a boy's birth; these without a black position and in an odd quantity like 5 or 7, it will mean the infant may be a girl.

6. The Food on New Year's Eve
In New Year's Eve in China, people eat certain foods that are thought to symbolize luck in the new year such as a whole chicken, including head and feet; Clams or scallops; Any dish featuring lettuce; Lobster; Rice; Spring rolls; Dumplings, along with these, fish has often been employed to suggest the accumulation of prosperity and wealth with foods on New Year's Eve.