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Firmly follow someone’s lead.


Distort the truth on purpose.


Wish someone an immediate and complete success


An old horse knows the way, it is used to describe the value of experience.


A loss, no bad thing


Life and death rests in the hands of fate. Rich and noble arranged by God.

Chinese Idiom--不耻下问(bù chǐ xià wèn)

不耻下问(bù chǐ xià wèn) means never feel ashamed to ask and learn from those who are inferior to you.

Chinese Idiom--刻舟求剑(kè zhōu qiú jiàn)

A man from the state Chu was crossing a river. In the boat, his sword fell into the water by his carelessness. Immediately he made a mark on the boat.

Proverb:"To play the lute to a cow"对牛弹琴

The proverb is used by Chinese people to describe someone who is telling something complicated to the fool, or sometimes this idiom is used to describe a person who is trying to tell something to the ...

Kong Rong Gave Away Bigger Pear(孔融让梨)

In the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a person called Kong Rong. He was very smart ever since he was a little boy. He had five older brothers and one younger brother.

The Proverb ”Perseverance spells success”

The origin of if you work at it hard enough, you can grind an iron bar into a needle.

Chinese Famous Proverb”To touch a soft spot”

this proverb is used to mean that someone is saying or doing something that shouldn't be mentioned in front of others.

The Story of “Love Me, Love My Dog”

At the end of Shang dynasty, assisted by his counselor Jiangshang and other capable men, King Zhou Wuwang successfully attacked and killed Zhouwang, anotherKing.

The Understanding of”Drawing Pancakes to Stave off Hunger”

Once in the Three Kingdoms Period, the duke of the Wei, Cao Rui, planned to select a very capable man to work for him.

How to Understand the Proverb“the old horse who knows the way”

An old horse knows the way. Today, it means a person who is very experienced at any given thing may be referred as "the old horse who knows the way".

Some Knowledge about Chinese Proverb

Based on puns of homophonic words, the majority of xiehouyu is simply not translatable. Therefore only a few such sayings will be included in this small sample of the unfathomable reservoir of Chinese...

Some Useful Proverb with Chinese Meaning

There can be a proverb for almost any situation. Judicious use of proverbs in Chinese writing is regarded as a sign of good education rather than pedantry or showing off one’s knowledge of cliches.

Chinese Confucius Proverbs

When it comes to Chinese proverbs, Confucius quotes tend to be the most enlightening and entertaining. To learn great proverbs better, record them and play the recording once in a while.

Chinese Happiness Proverbs

Happiness is what we are always looking for.Without happiness everything else has no use.The following Chinese proverbs is about happiness which might change you thoughts about happiness.

Chinese Proverbs on Marriage/Family

Chinese proverbs and four-plus character idioms are developed from the formulaic or social dialect/saying/expression and historical meaning in Chinese.

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