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Chinese Idiom--不耻下问(bù chǐ xià wèn)

The English Meaning of the Proverb
Never feel ashamed to ask and learn from those who are inferior to you.

Chinese Idiom--不耻下问(bù chǐ xià wèn)The English Story of the Proverb
Confucius was a great thinker, politician and educator in the Spring and Autumn Period. As the founder of the Confucianism, he was worshiped as the saint. Confucius believed that people are not born with knowledge no matter who they are, including him.

Once, Confucius was invited to the Ancestor-worshipping Celebration held by the King of the State Lu. He asked people about things from time to time. People laughed at him for his ignorance. After hearing those whisperings, Confucius said: For the things I don’t know, I have to ask someone. That’s how I present the etiquette in seeking knowledge.

The Chinese Story of Proverb

不耻下问(bù chǐ xià wèn)This idiom is used to refer to those who are not ashamed to ask and learn from their inferiors. Or to describe those who are modest and eager to learn without self-righteousness.

不耻下问: 比喻向地位和学问不如自己的人请教;或形容谦虚好学,不自以为是。