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老马识途 Lao3 Ma3 Shi2 Tu2

The English Meaning of the Proverb
lao3(老): experienced
ma3(马): horse
shi2(识): know
tu2(途): road; way
An old horse knows the way, it is used to describe the value of experience.
The English Story of the Proverb
At the request of Yan, Duke Huan of Qi send a troop to stop the invasion of invasion of Shanrong. They set out in Spring and came back in Winter. As the grasses were turning green, they lost their way. Guanzhong, the minister, said that dogs can find their way home no matter how far it is, and horses in the army, especially the old horses, know the way home. Duke Huan of Qi agreed and picked up some old horses to walk in front of the troops. Under the lead of the horsse, they finally returned State of Qi.
The Chinese Story of Proverb
齐桓公应燕国的要求,出兵攻打入侵燕国的山戎,相国管仲和大夫隰朋随同前往。 齐军是春天出征的,到凯旋而归时已是冬天,草木变了样。大军在崇山峻岭的山谷里转来转去,最后迷了路。管仲思索了好久,有了一个设想:狗离家很远都能寻回家去,那么军中的马尤其是老马,也应会有认识路途的本领。于是在征得齐桓公同意后,立即挑出几匹老马,解开缰绳,让它们在大军的最前面自由行走。这些老马都毫不犹豫地朝一个方向行进。大军就紧跟着它们东走西走、最后终于走出山谷,找到了回齐国的大路。