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马到成功 Ma3 Dao4 Cheng2 Gong1

The English Meaning of the Proverb
ma3(马): horse
dao4(到): arrive
cheng2gong1(成功): achieve success
As soon as the horses come, you will succed. Wish someone an immediate and complete success
The English Story of the Proverb
 In 220 BC, on the way to Rongcheng Mountain, The First Emperor of Qin heard that Hua Cai Ban Shi, the stoned missed when Nv Wa was mending the sky, can firm up his political power. So he lead troops along the special roads for emperor to express devout worship to the stone. After he came back, everything came off satisfactorily. The First Emperor of Qin asked the officials to write poems for celebration. Xu Fu wrote: Wan4 Ma3 Qian1 Jun1 Yu4 Chi2 Dao4, Shi3 Huang2 Bai4 Shi2 De2 Cheng2 Gong1(万马千军御驰道,始皇拜石得成功) to describe the success the emperor got. Until Yuan Dynasty, a great writer named Guan Hanqing created the idiom Ma3 Dao4 Cheng2 Gong1.
The Chinese Story of Proverb
公元前220年, 秦始皇来荣成山头拜日途中,听说花斑彩石是女娲补天时遗落的神石,能保佑江山稳固,便专程礼拜花斑彩石。当时他率领万马千军,沿着修好的专用驰道,直奔花斑彩石所在处,恭敬而拜。回朝后果然事事如意,天下太平,便龙颜大喜,让百官做诗庆贺。当时便有术士徐福(就是后来出海求仙不归的徐福老先生)诗曰:“万马千军御驰道,始皇拜石得成功。”一直到了元朝,著名大作家关汉卿慧眼识宝,由“秦皇拜石”的典故创造出了“马到成功”这个成语