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指鹿为马Zhi3 Lu4 Wei2 Ma3

The English Meaning of the Proverb
zhi3(指): point
lu4(鹿) : cerf
wei2(为): as
ma3(马): horse
Distort the truth on purpose. 

The English Story of the Proverb
Zhaogao prepared to launch an insurgency, but he was afraid that the officials won’t listen to him, so he set a trap to probe. He brought a cerf to Second Emperor of Qin, telling him it was a horse. The emperor replied:” you are wrong, you mistakenly consider the cerf as a horse.” Then he asked the officials, some of them kept silence, some agreed with Zhao, someone said it was a cerf.  Zhao slandered those who said it was a cerf, since then, everyone was afraid of Zhao.
The Chinese Story of Proverb