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The Islam in China

The Brief of Islam in China Islam is one of the worlds three most important religions, was transmitted from Arabia to China in the mid-7th century A. D.

The Christianity in China

Christianity in China is amongst the three big planet religions to come to China from the west. From the three religions, it was the second to arrive after Buddhism and just before Islam.

The Buddhism in China

Buddhism is the only foreign religion that has been widely accepted in China. It is also the most important religion in China. It was first brought to China from India by missionaries and traders.

The Taoism in China

Daoism is one of China’s major religions indigenous to the country. The primary belief is in learning and practicing “The Way” (Dao) which is the ultimate truth to the universe.

The Confucianism in China

Confucianism may be the cornerstone of traditional Chinese culture at the same time as a comprehensive ideological system produced by Confucius, depending on the conventional culture from the Xia, Sha...

Chinese Folk Religion

Chinese folk religion comprises the religion practiced in much of China for thousands of years which included ancestor veneration and drew heavily upon ideas and beings inside Chinese mythology.

The Introduction of Religion in China

Chinese religion is just not an organized, unified program of beliefs and practices. It has no headquarters, no leadership, no denominations and no founder.