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Top 10 Beautiful Small Towns in China

You might have heard a lot about ancient towns and ancient cities in China. Here, we list several of the most beautiful and ancient town in China, where you can experience the local peaceful lifestyle, the ancient architecture, and the graceful landscapes. These towns include ethnic villages with unique architectural styles and beautiful natural landscapes, and peaceful untouched villages with picturesque scenery. So come with us, to explore their time-honored culture and custom.
1. Manzhouli
Manzhouli is a tiny town of 50,000 on the Russian border, lost in a sea of grass, Manzhouli is the East-meets-Wild-West frontier outpost the late David Carradine should have used as the backdrop to the TV series Kung Fu. It stands on the edge of the Hulun Buir, an emerald expanse of grassland shot through with radiant patches of wildflowers.
2. Hongcun Village
Hongcun Village is a special place with cattle-like layout. It located under the foot of the well-known Mt. Huangshan, facing the South Lake, the original inhabitants of Hongcun creatively built the amazing artificial water system around the village. With marbled ground, black tiles, fresh red lanterns, elaborate woodcarvings and amazingly comprehensive water system, it is known as ‘the folk imperial palaces'.
3. Zhouzhuang 
The town complex lies in Kunshan, 38 km southeast of Suzhou city in Jiangsu Province. It has a history of over 900 years. It's also called Oriental Venice and surrounded by water. People plant willows on the edge of their narrow yards, to be more accurate, corridors. Little bridges, murmuring brooks and rural cottages, all of these come into a picture of quietness and simplicity. Bridges, with name or without name, all have their distinct views.
4. Heshun Town
One of the top ten charming Chinese towns with beautiful scenery and abundant cultural traditions, this is China's earliest border trade town. A favorite of film directors, photographers, and painters, Heshun is also quite well known overseas. Heshun library is China's best village library. Farmhouses in various styles and Chinese celebrities' old houses are visitor hot spots. Also worth checking out are local craftwork and snacks.
5. Wuzhen 
Wuzhen has a history of over 1000 years. It’s valuable that across 1000 years, the town has never changed its name, address, water system or life style. The traditional buildings are still well preserved after passing so many years. In this town, with a dense network of rivers, people build their house along the river, and establish the market close to bridge. The rail, the bridge over river and arch gate across street are built in stone.
6. Langzhong
Langzhong was once the biggest Feng Shui Ancient Town” in Sichuan Province, it located on the north edge of Sichuan Basin, surrounded by steep mountains, it enjoys unique geographical advantage and once be the political, economical, military and cultural centre of northern Sichuan.
It well-preserved ancient architectures, timing from Tang Dynasty to Qing Dynasty, Cliffside Inscriptions and ruins of the Three Kingdoms culture and numerous religious temples and churches.
7. Dunhuang
It is surrounded by barren deserts, this oasis town beckons with sand dunes, camel treks, and the Buddhist cave art of Mogao. Its tree-lined streets and backpacker cafes give it a laid-back feeling that is hard to find elsewhere in China.
8. Xingan
It has the first man-made canal in the world, as old as the Great Wall, and now a popular wedding place for local people. The four connected bridges, Jinshicun scholars' village, Qinjia Dayuan - an ancient castle which protected the village people in the anti-Japanese war, and the Qin dynasty atmosphere of Xingan are also famous here. Recommended dishes include mifen (rice noodles) and the local variety of zongzi. Gingko fruit, oranges and grapes are excellent in Xingan.
9. Wuyuan 
Wuyuan is a world-famous town strongly featured by Huizhou local culture and the idyllic scenery. Wuyuan is located in the northeast of Jiangxi province. Wuyuan gets close to Quzhou of Zhejiang province on the east and Jingdezhen of Jiangxi province on the west. It is near to Huangshan Mountain on the north and Sanqing Mountain on the south.