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Chinese New Year Taboos and Customs

Custom can be regarded as a cluster of practices common to a country of people. Taboo, on the other hand, is outright prohibition of social act or behavior, Customs and taboos are continually evolving...

Learning Chinese Taboos for Man and Children

Each culture has its personal policies on what is appropriate and what's not. This list will detail some taboos in China.

9 Superstitious Taboos in China

Chinese Taboos can hide remnants of ancient understanding of the outdated Masters whose hidden wisdom are higher than ours.

Customs and Taboos in China

As though China is becoming far more and more accommodating to its overseas guests with, prior to your journey to China, we still suggest that you’d better take a little time to discover about its ty...

Some China Taboos in Different Aspects

There are many specific rites and rituals with strict prohibitions and taboos in China thatperson should pay more attention to.

How to Avoid 3 Chinese Taboos

Take credit for achievements One of the first things most foreigners in China learn about cultural differences is the way to reply to compliments.

Dining Taboos in China

China is one of those wonderful countries where people are particular about Dining etiquette and taboos. Traditionally speaking, there are many taboos at Chinese tables, but these days not many people...

Chinese Wedding Taboos

A Chinese wedding has many traditions, taboos and rules. It is important for bride and groom, guests to be aware of etiquette concerning different elements of the wedding celebration, from attire to g...

Chinese Traditional Cultural Taboos

Chinese has their fair share of taboos, some of them are related to the language and culture. It is like any other race. The following three tips of Chinese cultural taboos has been existed through ma...

The Chinese Taboos of Giving a Gift

Culture is something which exists as an very important element in China. Ancient Chinese use a lot of lucky words and signs to express their admirations for good fortune and a good life.

Some Tips about Chinese Pregnancy Taboos

Pregnancy is a wonderful process for every mother, as well as for any father, although man can never understand how a woman feel when a life is moving in her uterus.