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Some China Taboos in Different Aspects

1. Chinese Taboo at Work

In general, Chinese shopkeepers could opt not to read a book during their work time due to the fact book () seems like lose (). Shopkeepers who read could be scared their companies will suffer losses, this is a very small taboo, most Chinese people do not care about this. When it comes to sweeping, shopkeepers are careful not to sweep toward the doorway, especially in the Chinese New Calendar year, in case luck is swept out the entrance doorway.

2. Chinese Taboo at Number

The “four” in Chinese is read as “4” phonetically appears so much like “death” , so the number 4, fourteen, forty-four and so on, they are avoided so far as feasible. For example, a Chinese would not buy house No. 4 of the presented avenue. Good things come in pairs so odd numbers are avoided for birthdays and weddings. Nonetheless, to stop bad issues occurring in pairs, burials and offering presents to the sick usually are not held on even numbered days.

3. Chinese Taboo at Hungry Ghost Festival

The Hungry Ghost Festival is held for the duration of the seventh lunar month. In order to avoid observing ghosts, men and women must not go exterior during the night. Celebrations such as the weddings will not be held. Fishermen won't launch new boats and the men and women should decide to put off their excursions during the Hungry Ghost Month. Some revelers stay away from swimming as the souls of people who die by drowning are considered to be in the greatest turmoil. A number of people refuse to go swimming to reduce the chance of the run-in with wayward ghosts.

4. Chinese Taboo at Holiday Taboos

This is a Chinese taboo that someone share tales about demise,dying and ghost tales for the duration of special situations and vacations, it may produce the bad effection. The different holidays have their own personal specific Chinese taboos.

5. Chinese Taboo at Birthdays

One lengthy noodle is usually slurped on perple’s birthday, but revelers beware. The noodle should not be bitten or cut as this may shorten people’s life. Fish is really though that something can’t be finished, so at diners, it can mean there is a surplus each year.