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Customs and Taboos in China

In general, a visit to China could be seen in much the same way with regard to its cultural background. As though China is becoming far more and more accommodating to its overseas guests with, prior to your journey to China, we still suggest that you’d better take a little time to discover about its typical custom and taboos to assist steer clear of embarrassing circumstances. The following are some taboos and customes which you may find a assist to offer a standard gist in the Chinese culture.

1. Don't use your chopsticks or spoon to dish shared dishes when feeding with a team, make use of the serving spoon to dish into your bowl or plate to try to eat as a substitute.

2. You should stay away from expressing anything which is connected to loss of life in the pleased situation.

3. You should not tap on your bowl with chopsticks, as being the beggars faucet on their bowls, which can be impolite and insulting.

4. You shouldn't offer to share a pear with your Chinese partner and cut it into two halves, as it suggests separation.

5. You should not bite your nails or putting your fingers within your mouth because it is considered to be vulgar in Chinese culture.

6. Don't point the bottoms of one's toes to any person when sitting down. Try out to take a seat cross-legged or tuck your legs underneath you.

7. Don't create cards or letters with red ink or ball pen, because it symbolizes the end of the partnership.

8. You should don't use a toothpick in community without having covered your mouth with your hand.

9. you should not give a gift just like the Clocks (giving a watch is okay), straw sandals, a stork or crane, handkerchiefs and anything white, blue or black, that happen to be associated with death or lead to for crying.

10. You should not open up a present in front the giver, which is not a polite action.

11. Do not peer in a lady’s underwear either intention. This sort of Peeping Tom fun may bring enormous bad luck.

12. Usually do not go away your chopsticks sticking up within the left-over rice in the bottom of your bowl following eating a food.

13. Don't behave within a carefree fashion in community. Embracing or kissing when greeting or declaring good-bye is extremely unusual.

14. You should accept your presents with the two hands. And bear in mind of color when wrapping. Red signifies blessed, pink and yellow represent delight and prosperity, while white, grey and black are for funeral. For enterprise relations, overseas cigarettes, whiskey, and high quality wines are wonderful present as suggestions.

15. The Chinese names are usually household name first, then the given name. Brides in China usually do not adopt their husband’s surnames.

16. Chinese do not typically accept a gift, invitation or favour when it’s first presented. Politely refusing two or three times is assumed to replicate modesty and humility.

17. Constantly addressing men and women with their official title, refer them as Mr./Mrs./Ms plus their last name. Don’t call them by their initial name until invited to do so.

18. In case that you really like an individual, you'll be able to buy them a belt. It implies that you wish to hold them eternally. Watches and wallets will also be good presents for lovebirds.

19. Handshake is widespread sort of greeting in China. When you meet elders or senior officials, handshake must be gentle and accompanied by a slight nod.

20. You should always display respect to the elders and acknowledge them within a team initial.