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6 Tips Help You Prevent Bad Chinese Names

There are six basic ideas which can help you prevent those fatal mistakes for giving a name to your sons and help them do not be trapped with inauspicious Chinese names for the rest of their lives.

Best Way to Choose a Boy’s Name

Choosing an excellent boy name is the most exciting job for any parents in China because much more parents hope that their son’s name can be presented with meaning and origin.

Chinese Surnames and Personal Name of Boys

Chinese surnames are explained to possess originated while in the prehistorical matriarchal modern society.There are specific Chinese names which are instantaneously recognized as obtaining originated...

Some Note Points for Giving a Chinese Boy’s Name

As parent, they will have a huge amount of important responsibilities. One of the most important responsibilities that the nature entrusts you with is to give a sweet and appropriate name to your sons...

The Boys’ Name in the Old Days

One of the more popular methods of naming a boy is based on the parent’s aspiration for the child. Parents have different expectation of their sons and hence there are differences in the methods of s...

Some Common Chinese Names for the Boy

The real and indigenous Chinese names for Boys in Chinese characters instead of just Pinyin names you can find in many places.