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6 Tips Help You Prevent Bad Chinese Names

The following list is six basic ideas which can help you prevent those fatal mistakes for giving a name to your sons; your young boys won't be trapped with inauspicious Chinese names for the rest of their lives.

Error1: Difficulty in differentiating the gender. When you called out a name and expect a boy to reply your answer, But a girl answered it instead. It is so embarrassed. In general, a girl's name should sound tender, quite and lady-like. A boy's name should be manly, strong and heroic. So you should remember that choosing a name which might be ideal according to the gender.

Error2: Going overboard. There are boundaries in everything. Too much a great thing can be a negative thing. As an example, the name “Chen Gangqiang陈刚强. Chen would be the surname. The given name is “Gangqiang刚强. Gangindicates tough, hard and strong. Qiang means sturdy, powerful and energetic. This name then turns into Chen+Strong+Strong. Stay away from over-emphasizing particular virtue in the name.

Error3: Using a sage's name. We're taught to respect our ancestors and ancient sages. However, do not think it's respectful to use their names. It actually would be disrespectful because who can dwell up the sages' good status. Have confidence with your individual self and name. Put on your own personal name proudly. Choose a name that is certainly distinctive to your sons.

Error4: Adverse and superficial meanings in the name. The final sentence is self-explaining. These names will give a bad impact and make a particular person looks unintelligent. For example, the name “Li Yicai李才一. This type of name is too simplistic. The meaning is superficial. So you should select names with very good meanings and form.

Error5: Vulgar. Stay away from names which have vulgar meanings or sounding close to some vulgar meanings.

Error6: using uncommon characters. In general, unusual characters might not be very easy to read. It may even be wrongly pronounced. Staying away from this kind of characters will keep away from unnecessary issue. It could lead to late processing of the documentation. You can imagine the information entry personnel figuring the best way to spell out the pinyin pronunciation to essential into the personal computer database. Choose characters that are standard and common but meaningful.