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Some Note Points for Giving a Chinese Boy’s Name

As parent, they will have a huge amount of important responsibilities. One of the most important responsibilities that the nature entrusts you with is to give a sweet and appropriate name to your sons. When you think about it, you will find that naming a child is easy as long as the child you are naming is not yours. However, as soon as you become a parent yourself, you get perplexed at the range of options available in front of you to choose a good name for your son, This is because you want something special for your child; something that is equally unique.
The Elements of Chinese Names:
In addition to stoke counts, each Chinese character is associated with one of the five elements: fire, earth, water, wood, and gold. The Chinese name for a boy must have a harmonious combination of elements.
Chinese Baby Names for Boys:
Chinese names for girls and boys usually have gender qualities such as beauty and gentleness for girls, and strength and glory for boys.

Genealogy and Chinese Names:
Sometimes Chinese names incorporate a genealogical marker. In this case, all family members of the same generation will have the same middle name.
Now superstition being lessened and constraints reduced, there are still some rules of thumb to be followed:
1. You should balance between the baby's birth date and the five elements in its life, try to remedy the defects with the name.
2. You should try to avoid the same initial consonant and simple or compound vowel (of a Chinese syllable), and the same tone in the characters is not preferred either.
3. As to the form, a character with not too many strokes nor the same component will be a good choice.
4. The preference for the meaning of a character changes with time.