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Some Common Chinese Names for the Boy

The real and indigenous Chinese names for Boys in Chinese characters instead of just Pinyin names you can find in many places. This is a collection of popular male boy names from China along with their meanings. China is a fast growing nation with a population expected to be 1,306,313,812 and the need for boy names is constant. Of course like any other nation, Chinese buy names are constantly changing and this is merely a selection of them, The following name are the mostly used in China for a boy:
Aiguo爱国 means  love country; patriotic
Angúo安国 means   protect the country
Bingwen炳文 means   bright and cultivated 
Bo means   waves
Bohai渤海 means   elder brother sea
Bojing渤景 means   win admiration
Bolin博林 means   elder brother rain
Boqin博沁 means   win respect
Changpu常浦 means    forever simple
Chanming常鸣 means forever bright
Chao means surpassing       
Chaoxiang朝翔 means expecting fortune
Chen means vast or great
Cheng means accomplished
Chenglei 诚雷 means Become great
Chenyun陈运 means good luck
Chi means the younger generation
Chongan 崇安 means second brother peace
Chongkun崇坤   means Second brother Kunlun mountain
Chonglin 崇林 means second brother unicorn
Chuanli 川利 means transmitting propriety
Cong聪     means intelligent        
Da means attainment      
Dai means martial arts sword technique
Delun 德伦      means virtuous order
Deming 德明  means virtue bright    
Dingbang定邦 means protect the country
Dingxiang定襄        means stability and fortune        
Donghai 东海 means eastern sea     
Duyi杜伊 means independent wholeness
Enlai 安莱        means favor coming
Fang means honest and upright 
Feng means      sharp blade; wind   
Fu富    means wealthy   
Fuhua富华      means fortune flourishing
Gang刚        means strength 
Guang光     means light
Guangli广利   means making propriety bright
Gui贵  means honored; noble        
Guoliang国梁 means may the country be kind 
Guotin国亭     means polite, firm; strong leader
Guowei国威   means state preserving
Guozhi 国治    means the state is ordered
Hai海  means sea  
He河   means Yellow river
Heng 恒       means eternal    
Hong宏        means great; wild swan;
Honghui宏辉  means great splendor         
Huan欢        means happiness