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4 Things Must be Considered For Giving a Girl Name

Today, Most dad and mom commences speaking about their girl’s names once they find out that the stork's going to be paying out a visit before long.

The Importance of Choosing the Girl’s Name

Chinese people always attach great importance to the choice of the girls names. As the old saying goes, under the right name, then can it can be within your jurisdiction.

Finding a Perfect Girl’s Name

A native Chinese girl name is a name in conformity with Chinese naming culture and tradition, and is not only for native Chinese all over the world, but also for people from countries affected by Chin...

The Origin of Chinese Girl’s Name

In China, many parents believe that a suitable Chinese name can improve the luck of their daughter and give the child a more auspicious life path.

Some Examples of Chinese Girls' Name

In Chinese culture, names are very important. A good name can bring respect to its bearer, but a bad name will bring misfortune and a hard life.