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Finding a Perfect Girl’s Name

A native Chinese girl name is a name in conformity with Chinese naming culture and tradition, and is not only for native Chinese all over the world, but also for people from countries those affected by Chinese culture or tradition in history. And now, more and more female foreigners who come to China, such as businessman or businesswomen, students, diplomats and so on, also get a good native Chinese name based on his/her English names or the transliterated Chinese names.

Some English Meaning of Chinese Girls’ Name

As many Chinese people know, picking a Chinese name for a girl is not a simple matter. In addition to all the astrological considerations, most parents want their baby girl to have a feminine-sounding name. This is done by including characters with meanings such as:Beauty; Elegance; Kindness; Virtues. There is a list of girl names from China and it's interesting to read their lovely meanings. “Jie”() is defined as good and auspicious. The girl can be named “Liu”), a name meaning willow. “Li”(莉/力) is another unisex name, which means plums. “Wen”(文/雯) a unisex name, carries the meaning warm, genial and mild. Zhu)means vermilion or red and is another name for either gender. “Hua”(): it means magnificent, “Hong” (虹/红)it defined as great, vast, “Hui”(惠/慧) it means intelligent, “fu”(): it is the meaning of wealthy, “gang”() it stand for strong, “Huan”()it is the meaning of happy, joyous. More and more Chinese parents hope that their daughters should have both inner beauty and attractive appearance through a good name.

The Particular Elements of Chinese Girls’ Name

The fortune teller also has to consider the number of strokes which are used to draw the Chinese characters. After considering all these details, the fortune teller may suggest several names, and the parents must choose one they think is appropriate. The technique of naming is by using elements. Each Chinese character is associated with a particular element, so the fortune teller is trying to create a name with an ideal combination of elements, such as Gold, wood, water, Earth, Fire. The elements of metal and fire are associated with the baby boy while the elements of wood and water with the female. The earth element can be used by both boys and girls. Most Chinese characters are composed of basic characters. For example the character for the word 'stove' a made up of the character fire and earth. Therefore if you lack fire or earth you can call yourself stove, it maybe not the best of example but hope you can understand the principle.