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The Importance of Choosing the Girl’s Name

Chinese people always attach great importance to the choice of the girl’s names. As the old saying goes, under the right name, then can it can be within your jurisdiction. In the Chinese earliest dictionary it was explained as follows: name contained the invisible fate and the visible and meaning characters. Fate was something intangible and negative, it coincided with 'the hidden material,' on which the Western scientists are working hard to find out. With concrete form and meaning, name belonged to the positive symbol of characters. It functioned far more than just a code for every specific person.
As more and more people feel that Chinese is really an old language rich with social traditions and cultural etiquette when it comes to names and naming children. In Chinese, the family name is always the first part of a person’s name, followed by their given name. Historically, given names are chosen based on several factors such as pleasing sounds and tonal qualities, bearing positive connotations and or the actual Chinese character having a beautiful shape.
A key word for a Chinese girl name is “culture”. Because the name excluding the family name which is composed by one or two words, seldom more than two words, parents or grandparents always want it be meaningful. A good name of the girl is thought to be from Chinese phrases, idioms, classical or the wisdom of the ancients, to have an approval meaning, and not to have the same or similar sound to some undesirable or ominous words, and, with a higher standard, to be pronounced in rhythmic. So every Chinese girl’s name has a literal or suggestive meaning. It is impossible for me to give finely the meaning of each name, so Chinese phrases are suggested by the word of each name and more Chinese characters or idioms are available