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The Origin of Chinese Girl’s Name

In China, many parents believe that a suitable Chinese name can improve the luck of their daughter and give the child a more auspicious life path. In general, on the third day after the baby's birth, the baby will take a bath, and names will be given to the new born baby. There are two names for the baby, one is a nickname used before going to school, the other is the formal name. The name is very important to the baby. Traditionally, parents would use the services of a fortune teller or astrologer to suggest a good name for their baby girl. The fortune teller considers the date and time of birth, and the surname of the father (children always take their father’s family name). Astrological charts determine which of the five elements (gold, wood, water, fire and earth) are associated with the time of birth, and a name must be chosen which is in harmony with these elements. The elements also have to harmonize with the family name.
Briefly, a native Chinese girl’s name is consisted of a family name and a name. And the family name is always put in the beginning of a name and normally is formed by one word or two words, while the later is called a given name. Now there are more than one thousand Chinese family names which are mainly inherited from generations. In China, a married girl keeps her original family name, rather than the husband’s family name. There was a time when Chinese girls were not considered worthy enough to be given names. According to Confucius, the famous philosopher, women were unworthy of being named and were referred to as daughter number 1 or daughter number 2 rather than being given a Chinese girls name.
In all ages, Chinese parents have different aspiration for their daughters and the basis for selection Chinese girl names is different from that for the boys. A good daughter should respect their parents and love their brothers and sisters. There are also expected to take care of their family and be good at housekeeping. In addition to being filial, virtuous, gentle and chaste, they are also expected to be intelligent, graceful, sedate and pretty. The condition of Chinese girls has advanced a great deal. Chinese girls now hold high positions in government, earn doctorate degrees and are generally treated better. However, equality between the sexes is not firmly entrenched. It seems to be a good sign that a Chinese girls name is also used as a name for a boy. This does indicate that some level of equality now exists in China.