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Some Examples of Chinese Girls' Name

In ancient China, there is always a book in a family which shows all characters suitable for names in the family. If you would like to give the girl or boy baby a good name, a father always search in a dictionary for words those express the hope and wish mostly.

In Chinese culture, names are very important. A good name can bring respect to its bearer, but a bad name will bring misfortune and a hard life. In general, Chinese names are usually composed of three characters. The family name is the first character, and the remaining two characters are the given name. Sometimes, the given name is just one character in China. The two or three characters which make up a person’s name have to be chosen carefully so that they complement each other and follow certain astrological rules. In China, the parents have a great responsibility when they choose a name for their daughter. The name must be harmonious and the characters must combine in such a way as to bring good luck and prosperity to their daughter. It is different between girls name and boys name. Normally, the words with a meaning of power, wise, health, mountain and sea are used for the names of boy, while Chinese characters with a meanings of flower, beauty, virtuous, pure, smart, are used for the girls.

The following Chinese character are mostly used, they are the real and indigenous Chinese names for girls in Chinese characters. You can also find these names in Chinese characters with their English meanings.

Chinese Character/ Chinese Pinyin/ English Meanings
  bǎo           Treasure
  bì              Green jade            
  chán         Beautiful and graceful girl            
 wǎn           Graceful; tactful
 tíng            Graceful
 zhēn          Chaste
 shàn         Good (virtuous); benevolent
 shū            Warm and virtuous
 cháng        A legendary beauty who flew to the moon
 xián            Worthy (person)
  dài            Black, eyebrow beautifier             
  fāng          Fragrant
  huì            Benevolence; kindness         
  jiāo           Charming, lovely, beautiful girl
  lán            Orchid flower                 
  lián           Lotus
  lín             Beautiful jade                
  měi          Beauty        
              Jade, pure, fair;handsome, beautiful
             Graceful girl
               Little girl                
  qiàn         Pretty
  qiǎo         Artful, clever       
  shān       Coral; Precious
  shū          Kind and gentle             
  tíng          Graceful
  wén          Beautiful clouds            
  xiá            Colorful clouds; morning or evening glow
  xián          Refined and skilled                
  xiāng        Fragrant; Aromatic
  xiù            Elegant; Excellent       
  yàn          Colorful; Gorgeous                
  yīng         Golden oriole       
  yuán        Graceful young lady              
  zhēn        Faithful; Chastity or being chaste       
珍   zhēn        Precious; treasure
  zhī            Fragrant; noble