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The Meaning of Chinese Name

Each Chinese name carries a particular meaning. It might be the wishes or expectations from the parents. Here are the meanings of some common names in China.

Translating an English Name into Chinese Name

When choosing a Chinese name, it does not necessarily have to be a transliteration of an English name. Instead, a "real" Chinese name can be adopted.

Why do Translate English Names to Chinese

In general, English and Chinese are such remarkably different languages, it is difficult for English words to be written and pronounced in Chinese.

Common Chinese Names Translation in English

One of the biggest pitfalls of Chinese to English translation is the rendering of a Chinese person's name into English.

The Knowledge of Chinese Name

The term Common Chinese names refers to the names of people whose native language is Chinese, Common Chinese names normally consisted of two parts, family names and given names.

How to Get a Chinese Name Translation

Chinese Language is incredibly complicated and that complexity both enhances and detracts from the written language.

Chinese Name Translation from English Name

Chinese name translation is done mainly according to their pronunciation, and one syllable of English names matches one or more Chinese character.