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Chinese Name Translation from English Name

In general, Chinese name translation is done mainly according to their pronunciation, and one syllable of English names matches one or more Chinese character. Understand that Chinese names are carefully selected for meaning and are often passed down through generations in a family. They will usually begin with the surname followed by the chosen name. Chinese names can even form intricate patterns and poems. In general, Chinese does not use the English alphabet, so any "Chinese name translation" is merely an approximations of the English sounds using Chinese characters. There are countless ways to interpret an English name in the Chinese language because the Chinese language consists of different characters that all hold a special meaning.

Translate English Name to Chinese Name for business:

If you are in the international business world doing business with China you will most likely want to get a Chinese translation of your English name. This will help the people you are doing business with to pronounce your name as well as remember it. It is also a great show of respect for your business associate’s customs and culture. Another reason to get a Chinese name is if you intend to travel to China or even just for fun.

The Difference between Chinese Name and English Name:

The Chinese uses characters or symbols which are different from letters in an alphabet. English words and names do not straightforwardly translate from English to Chinese. Chinese characters are used that represent the English pronunciation of a word. Characters in Chinese often have two parts. One part represents the meaning of a word and the other part represents the sound. A Chinese name is usually written with 3 characters. The last name or surname is usually the first character. The following two characters represent a person first and or middle name which in Chinese tradition is chosen by the parents or grandparents.

How do Chinese Translated Names Work?

To know how name transliteration works, for example, take the names "Mark" and "Aaron", "Mark" is often transliterated into Chinese using two Chinese characters. The pronunciations of these characters are "ma" and "ke". The name "Aaron" might be translated using characters that are pronounced "an" and "ran". There are several ways to get transliterated Chinese names. The best method is to consult with someone who has a deep understanding of both English and Chinese languages. This will help ensure that the Chinese characters chosen have positive connotations and are phonetically suitable.