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The Knowledge of Chinese Name

The term Common Chinese names refers to the names of people whose native language is Chinese, Common Chinese names normally consisted of two parts, family names and given names, like this:

Chinese Family Name:
There are two types of Chinese family names, one of which is one Chinese character, and called family name or single family name, another of which is consisted of two words and is called compound family name.Until now, nobody knows how many family names there are in China. An ancient book involved about 444 family names and 60 compound family names. But the researcher says that there are more than 2000 family names now.

Chine Given Name:
Given names are chosen based on a range of factors, including possession of pleasing sound and tonal qualities, as well as bearing positive associations or a beautiful shape. Two-character mings may be chosen for each character's separate meaning and qualities, but the name remains a single unit which is almost always said together even when the combination no longer 'means' anything. Chinese given names show much greater diversity than the surnames, while still being restricted almost universally to one or two syllables. Today, two-character names are more common and make up more than 80% of Chinese names. However, this custom has only been consistent since the Ming dynasty. About 70% of all names were only one character long during the early Han and that rose beyond 98% after the usurping Wang Mang banned all two-character names outright. Although his Xin Dynasty was short-lived, the law was not repealed until 400 years later, when northern invasions and interest in establishing lineages revived interest in such longer names. The Tang and Song saw populations with a majority of two-character names for the first time, but the Liao between them and the Yuan afterward both preferred single character names. The restoration of Han dominance under the Ming, promotion of Han culture under the Qing, and development of generation names established the current traditions.

The Top 10 Chinese Family Names Are:
written in English: Li
written in English: Wang
written in English: Zhang   
written in English: Liu
written in English: Chen
written in English: Yang
written in English: Zhao     
written in English: Huang
written in English: Zhou
written in English: Wu