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The Meaning of Chinese Name

Chinese name is composed of 2 parts: the family and the given name. In China, the first part is the family name and the latter part is the given name. Names are usually given by parents. Three-character names are the most common ones. There are also two-character names and four-character names.
Each Chinese name carries a particular meaning. It might be the wishes or expectations from the parents. Here are the meanings of some common names in China.
Meanings of male names:
Most of the meanings are about power, brightness and heroism.
Cong (聪): intelligent; clever
Guang (光): light; glossy; bright; bare; gracious
Guo (国): country; nation; state
Hong (宏): great; grand; magnificent
Hua (华): magnificent; flourishing; brilliant
Hui (辉): brightness; splendor; brilliance
Jie (杰): outstanding; prominent
Jun (俊): handsome; talent; outstanding
Lei (雷): thunder
Li (力): power; strength; ability; capacity
Liang (良): good; fine; nice
Liang (亮): bright; resounding; enlightened
Long (龙): dragon; imperial
Min (民): civilians; the people; folk
Ming (明): bright; brilliant; honest; discerning
Ping (平): smooth; peaceful; fair; common
Qiang (强): strong; better; unyielding
Shan (山): hill; mountain
Sheng (胜): victory; superb; wonderful; lovely
Wei (伟): big; great; mighty
Wen (文): gentle; refined; civil; cultured
Xing (星): star
Yu (宇): space; universe; world; house
Meanings of female names:
Most of the meanings are about beauty, elegance and cleverness.
Fang (芳): fragrant; sweet smelling
Fen (芬): fragrant
Jiao (娇): pretty; lovely; fragile
Jing (晶): brilliant; glittering 
Juan (娟): beautiful; graceful
Jun (君): monarch; sovereign; supreme ruler
Lei (蕾): flower bud
Li (丽): beautiful; pretty
Lian (莲): lotus
Lin (琳): beautiful jade
Ling (玲): sound of jade
Min (敏): quick; agile; smart; nimble
Ni (妮): girl  
Na (娜): elegant; delicate; gentle
Ping (萍): duckweed  
Ring (婷): graceful; beautiful
Wan (婉): beautiful; elegant; polite
Xin (欣): glad; happy; joyful
Yi (怡): happy; joyful; cheerful
Ying (颖): clever; intelligent
Ying (莹): lustrous; transparent      
Yuan (媛): pretty girl
Yun(云): cloud
Zhen (珍): precious; priceless; rare