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Coherent Complex Sentence

The clauses of coherent sentence indate the event  through ordering, so the order cannot be discrupted.
The common associated words are: 就、遍、又、于是、接着、然后、首先……然后/接着,etc.
For instance,
我在北京只待了几天,就匆匆赶回了上海。(I stayed at Beijing for a few days then hurried back Shanghai.)
首先投入硬币,然后按下按钮。(First, input the coins;second, press the button.)
他慢慢地走进一家银行,看了看,又转身出来了。(He rambled into a bank, looked around, and turned out.)

* The difference between coherent sentence and coordinate sentence:
The relationship between clauses in coherent sentence is vertical inheriting; the relationship between clauses in coordinate sentence is horizontal arranging.
Therefore, the positions of clauses in coherent sentence can not be switched,  while the transposition of clauses in coordinate will not influence the original meaning of the sentence.
For instance:
Coherent sentence: 他坐起来,摸出香烟,点着火,开始发呆。(He sat up, took out a cigarette, and began to stun.)
Coordinate sentence: 他一会儿站起来,一会儿又坐下去。(He sometimes gets up and sometimes sits down.)