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Express Comparison—像(xiang)

In Chinese, there are many ways to express comparison, including The preposition , The preposition , The verb , The verb 有, The verb 不如, The adverb 越来越.
◆ The verb can be used to express that two people or object resemble one another. The basic form is:
Person or thing (Subject) + (predicate) + Person or thing (object)
For example,
天上的云朵棉花糖。(The cloud looks like cotton candy.)
你妈妈那么漂亮。(You are so beautiful, just like your mother.) (The verb , the endocentric phrase 你妈妈, and the demonstrative pronoun 那么 form the adverbial adjunct 像你妈妈那么. The adjective 漂亮 acts as the predicate.)