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Verbs of Chinese Language

Chinese has no verb conjugation. That doesn’t imply they can not express issues which occurred in the past or future. Nevertheless it isn’t encoded in the verb as in the western languages.

Pronouns of Chinese Language

Chinese pronouns vary somewhat from their English counterparts.

Particles of Chinese Language

Particles are functional components of speech that cannot stand alone by themselves. They need other factors of speech to augment.

Exclamative Particles of Chinese Language

The Chinese language involves a number of spoken exclamative words and written onomatopoeia that are used in everyday speech and informal writing.

Classifier of Chinese

In the modern Chinese languages, words called classifiers or measure phrases are utilized along with numbers to define the amount of a given object, or with demonstratives like "this" and "that" to id...

Adjectives of Chinese

Studying the Chinese Adjectives is incredibly crucial since its construction is utilized in every day conversation. The more you practice speaking it, the closer you will get to master it.