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Common Prepositional Patterns

The type 在…上 can express the position exactly where an action takes spot or perhaps a condition exists. The type在…上can also be employed to indicate scope or aspect when an abstract noun or verb is utilized in between. For instance,
他在楼上。[He is upstairs.]
他在班上的表现还是不错的。[He performed well in the class.]
The type 在…下 can indicate a concrete place or it might indicate a condition or situation. For instance,
在妈妈的帮助下,我完成了功课。[I finished the homework with my mum’s help.]
在他的陪伴下,我去香港玩了一周。[I visited Hong Kong for one week with his company.]
Phrases with “
Phrase is one where the structural particle is attached to a notional word or phrase. For example,
这本书是我的。[This is my book.]( is attached to a pronoun)
这条裙子是红色的。[This is a red skirt.]( is after an adjective)
比赛的有八个人。[There are night people attending the competition.](is after a noun.)