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Endocentric Phrases

In an endocentric phrase the constituents are combined the very first one decorates or limits the second. Endocentric phrases could be separated into two kinds: nominal endocentric phrases and endocentric phrase where the second constituent is either a verb or an adjective. In a nominal endocentric phrase the second part is a noun. For instance, 热带雨林 in this sentence, 热带 is the first part and 森林, the second component is actually a noun.
In a verbal or adjectival endocentric phrase the second element is either a verb or an adjective. For instance, in the phrase仔细观察 [to observe carefully], the latter element is a verb.  In the phrase很可爱 (very cute) the word 可爱 [cute] is an adjective.
Occasionally a perform word is utilized to connect the two components of an endocentric phrase. For instance,
安静的图书馆[a quite library]
我的家[my home]
飞快地跑[run quickly]