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Numeral-Measure Word Phrases

A numeral-measure word phrase combines a numeral and a measure word right into a phrase. One sort of numeral-measure word phrase combines a numeral and a nominal measure word. For example,
一人(one person)
两本(two books)
三辆(three vehicles)
Another kind of numeral-measure word phrase a numeral and a verbal measure word. For example,
一遍(one time)
两趟(two trips)
三次(three times)
In general, the particle 的 is not used between a numeral-measure word phrase and a noun. Nevertheless, when then measure word and the noun are not the usual match the particle 的 should be used. For example,
两公斤的苹果[two kilograms of apples]
漂亮的手表[a beautiful watch]
Some nouns can be used after the numeral “”to act temporarily as measure word, expressing a large quantity. For example,
一书包的书[a bag of books]
一桌子的菜[a table of dishes]
When the numeral “”is used in a numeral-measure word phrase in front of the object then it can be omitted. For example,
买一瓶水=买瓶水[buy a bottle of water]
吃一碗饭=吃碗饭[have a bowl of rice]