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Adcerbial Adjuncts

Sentences are the smallest units in language that can independently express at idea. Words and phrases in sentences can be divided into sentence elements based on their use. There are six kinds of sentence elements in Chinese:
1. Subject
2. Predicate
3. Object
4. Attributive
5. Adverbial adjunct
6. Complement
●  Adverbial Adjuncts
Adverbial adjuncts are words or phrases that decorate or limit the predicate
An adverbial adjunct located before a verb predicate.
昨天 去了上海。(He went Shanghai yesterday.)
有一件毛衣。(I only have one sweater)
An adverbial adjunct located before an adjective predicate
高兴。(I am very happy.)
这朵花 非常 漂亮。(This flower is quite beautiful.)
The adverbial adjunct must be placed before the word modified. All kinds of words and phrases may act as an adverbial adjunct. The structural particle is often placed after an adverbial adjunct. The basic purpose of adverbs is to act as adverbial adjuncts. For instance,
我非常高兴。(I am very happy.)(The adverb 非常 acting as the adverbial adjunct modifies the predicate 高兴.)
The main purpose of prepositional phrase is also to act as adverbial adjuncts. For instance,
我们从西边走吧。(Let’s go there from the west side.)( The prepositional phrase 从西边 modifies the verb .)
Nouns, auxiliary verbs, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, coordinative phrases, subject-predicate phrases, endocentric phrases, numeral-measure word phrases, phrases of locality, and set phrases can all act as adverbial adjuncts.
When verbs, dissyllabic adjectives, coordinative phrases, subject-predicate phrases, duplicated numeral-measure word phrases, and set phrases act as the adverbial adjunct ordinarily the particle must be used. For instance,
大声 地读。(Please read loudly.)( The verb 大声 acts as the adverbial adjunct.)
我们粗略地看了。(We looked roughly.) (The dissyllabic adjective 粗略 acts at the adverbial adjunct.)
When adverbs, prepositional phrases, nouns expressing time or place, monosyllabic adjectives, and pronouns act as an adverbial adjunct, in general, should not be used. For instance,
我很喜欢游泳。(I really like swimming.)( Adverb acts as the adverbial adjunct.)