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Sentences with a Nominal Predicate

Sentences with nominal predicates use a noun or a nominal endocentric phrase to express a sum of money, a festival, a profession, a solar phrase, a date, or even a person's age. Sentences with nominal predicates are generally short and simple. For instance,
后天星期天。(The day after tomorrow is Sunday.) (The noun 星期天 acts as the predicate.)
我二十多岁了。(I am now over twenty years old.) (The numeral-measure word phrase 二十多岁 acts as the predicate.)
这些衣服多少钱?(How much are these clothes?) (The nominal endocentric phrase 多少钱 acts as the predicate.)
现在下午三点。(It’s three o’clock in the afternoon.) (The numeral-measure word phrase 三点 acts as the predicate.)