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Pivotal Sentences

Sentences using special verbal predicates
1. 是 Sentences
2. 有 Sentences
3. 被 Sentences
4. 把 Sentences
5. Existential sentences
6. Pivotal sentences
7. Sentence with verbs in series
●Pivotal Sentences
A pivotal sentence has two predicates, the first of which has an object that serves as the subject for the second predicate. This object is called the pivot. The basic form of the pivotal sentence is:
Subject + predicate 1 (verb) + pivot + predicate 2
For instance:
我请你喝饮料。(I will treat you to some drink.) (The pronoun is the object for the predicate and also the subject for the predicate . It is the pivot.)
老师教我们跳舞。(The teacher taught us dancing.) (The predicate 跳舞 of the pivot expresses the goal of the first predicate .)
妈妈让我做家务。(The teacher asked me to do housework.) (The first predicate in pivotal sentences usually expresses a request, a command, etc. Commonly used verbs include 使、叫、让、请、禁止.)
请你吃饭。 (Please eat.)(When the first predicate is then the pivot is often omitted.)