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Curriculum of Confucius Institutes

The curriculum of Confucius Institutes revolves around the institute's part as a language center. Confucius Institutes cultivate simplified Chinese characters, that are normal in Mainland China, rather than the classic Chinese characters used in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Canada's Globe and Mail stated that this "would assist to improve Beijing's aim of marginalizing Taiwan in the battle for global impact." Michael Churchman, while in the China Heritage Quarterly, has criticized teaching only simplified characters, arguing that it is going to block students also looking for to understand Classical Chinese. In 2011 in response to the PRC's moves, the Republic of China claimed plans to establish the 'Taiwan Academy' in America, Europe, and Asia as part of its "cultural diplomacy". Taiwan's programme is intended to promote "Taiwanese-favored" Mandarin Chinese, traditional Chinese characters, and Taiwanese topics. In response to claims the curriculum at CIs is determined by political consideration, the CI director for that Chicago Public Colleges said that "Confucius Institutes have total autonomy within their program resources and teachers."