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Evolution of Chinese Character

Chinese character is probably the world's oldest writings. Even before 3,000 years in the Shang Dynasty, oracle bone inscription, a well-developed writing, has already existed in China. The experts and scholars' investigation and study indicate that the pottery inscription etched in the pottery wares which were unearthed in Yangshao Cultural Relic more than 6,000 years ago was China's oldest wirting.

In ancient there was a very common myth named "Cang Jie's Invention of Characters". In accordance with this myth, Cang Jie, a historical chronicler of the Yellow Emperor in excess of 5,000 years ago, was inspired by the footprints of animals and understood that various prints could possibly be treated as marks to discriminate different objects, so he invented a great deal of symbols to represent diverse objects and affairs, and they have been the oldest Chinese characters. Of course, this was only an interesting myth. The physical appearance and forming of any variety of writing would consider an extended course and could not be invented by an individual. From the scientific viewpoint, Chinese characters have been developed by all people in their long-term daily and working life.

In the prolonged program of history, the Chinese characters had undergone many times of evolution prior to they took the present type.
Oracle bone inscription was a writing carved in tortoise shells in the Shang Dynasty. Inscription on bronze, also known as bronze ware script, was a variety of writing cast in the bells and tripods. Significant seal script extensively used in several vassal states in the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period was far more regular and symmetrical than bronze ware script in writing. Modest seal script was utilized in China after Emperor Qin Shi Huang's unification of complete China, and its framework was simple, writing technique was changeless and character pattern was much more orderly. Clerical writing was a kind of writing used in the Han Dynasty, which was developed from the modest seal script. Typical script firstly appeared in the late Han Dynasty, and it's been employed by the folks generation after generation to this day because it is really far more straightforward and easy to be written than the clerical writing. Regular script could be the formal writing design in our every day life and company. Born in the late Han Dynasty, the cursive writing is challenging to recognize for it is written inside a rapid way and its strokes are cursively linked with one another, and this type of writing is generally witnessed in calligraphic functions.

What we can see from the evolutionary approach of Chinese character in the past thousands of years is that the basic trend of Chinese character's growth is moving towards simplicity. It gave up the challenging forms and adopted more simple forms slowly whilst abandoned tough forms and adopted simple types, which not merely simplified the character pattern but also diminished the amount of characters, and in this method the Chinese character constantly overcame the shortcomings of getting challenging to be remembered, written and recognized.