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The Way to Register for HSK

You'll find it of convenience to register for the HSK no matter where you happen to be around the world. Just follow the following tips:
1. You could possibly apply for your HSK at a nearby HSK center.
2. You will need two 2-inch bareheaded, full-faced pictures (40mm x 30mm) and show a valid identification card with your photo on it, such as your passport, driving license or residence permit.
3. You will have to pay an HSK fee and registration charge, both of which are nonrefundable (your HSK center will tell you how much you'll pay). If you are unable to consider the scheduled HSK because of an occasion of force majeure, you need to explain to your HSK center prior to the HSK takes place to ensure that the center will make it possible for you personally to take the next HSK without paying the HSK charge once more, however you'll have to shell out the registration fee.
4. If there's no HSK center near you, you could register for the HSK by correspondence. You need send a copy of your passport to the center, your CV including your Chinese and English names, nationality, sex and postal address, and two pictures of you. You'll also require to remit the necessary expenses to the center by postal cash order. Shortly after the center processes your application for registration, it'll issue you the HSK Permit as well as the "HSK Examinees' Handbook." The time and venue of the HSK will likely be specified on the HSK Permit.
5. The "HSK Outline," sample HSK examination papers and pertinent tapes for listening comprehension can be found from your HSK center.