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Pronunciation Chinese Language

Chinese language, which is described as one of the most ancient languages in the world, and Mandarin, the official language in China, is the most standard and acceptable one in China and all over the world. For foreigners, if you want to learn Chinese well, Mandarin is the most important thing you need to know first.
Comparing to grammar, pronunciation is much more important for beginners, if you can speak the correct Chinese, it will be much easier to communicate with others, otherwise, your total meaning will be distorted. Only correct pronunciation can perfectly express what you mean and how you think. Remember, regular practice can help you master the correct pronunciation faster and better.
How to speak the native Chinese language by using the right pronunciation, the four tones rules are the crucial part for you to learn about as Chinese is a tonal language and almost all the words have tones. There are four tones in pronunciation Chinese language, including even level(Ping2, 平), rising(shang3 上), going(qu4), entering(ru4). The correct tone will express your feelings and meanings accurately, however, the wrong one will be a quite another story.

For example:
Xiang1 香---- fragrant
Xiang3 想-----think
For foreigners, learning the right pronunciation is a big challenge as you use tones in a sentence to stress or raise a question, however, in chinese language system, tone exsists in each syllable to distinguish its meaning from others. Like what we will do when learning English, listening and reading(practising) are two indispensable steps and you must spend much effort on them.
Listening part:
1. You can download some audios on the Internet, and listen to them every day.
2. If you are living in China, it will be a great convenience for you, the perfect language environment is helpful to give you a leavening influence.
Reading(practising) part:
1. You can buy some teaching materials with phonetic notation to help you reading, knowing how to pronounce correctly.
2. If you have some Chinese friends, talking to them with Chinese is a brilliant idea, skill comes from practice, once you can stick to it, you will grasp the correct pronunciation sooner or later one day.

In Chinese language, thousands of words are combined with different tones, so grasping the rules of using the correct tone is very important, once you can pronunce Chinese correctly, it will not be  aproblem to learn Chinese well.