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When to Omit the Dots above "ü"

When to Ommit the Dots above ü

Chinese Tongue Twister

Chinese Tongue Twister

Tips to Pronounce Chinese Pinyin (part A)

Tips to Pronounce Chinese Pinyin

Pinyin - Chinese Pinyin Table

Chinese Pinyin Table

The Usage of Pinyin

Pinyin superseded older romanization systems like Wade-Giles (1859; modified 1892) and Chinese Postal Map Romanization, and replaced zhuyin as the way of Chinese phonetic instruction in mainland China...

Some Rules of Hanyu Pinyin

Chinese Pinyin also have some rules for you to follow. If you want to speak and write Chinese as a native, go through the passage quickly.

What Exactly Is Pinyin

Pinyin may be the most widely-used system of writing Mandarin Chinese that makes use of the Latin alphabet. It is a great tool to assist you in learning the correct pronunciation of Mandarin words.

History of Hanyu Pinyin

In 1605, the Jesuit missionary Matteo Ricci published Xizi qiji (The Miracle of Western Letters) 西字奇蹟 in Beijing. This was the initial book to utilize the Roman alphabet to write the Chinese langu...