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Vocabulary of Chinese snacks

As an ancient country, China has formed its own culinary culture after thousands of years of history. Besides the tasty and nutritious cuisines, the Chinese snacks also deserve to be mentioned. Those ...

How to Order in the Restaurant

There are lots of cuisines in China, but before going to the restaurant, you should know and learn some sentences.

Vocabulary of Vegetables

Here is a table of vegetable for you to learn.

Vocabulary of Fruits

Here is a table of fruits for you to learn.

Vocabulary of Fast Food

Nowadays the fast food industry would be the most effective and magnificent one.

Vocabulary of Restaurant

Chinese food is famous world-wide, but absolutely nothing beats the real thing. Should you travel to China or Taiwan, you may undoubtedly desire to sample the wonderful cuisine.

Vocabulary of Chinese dishes

Chinese food is one of the most famous kinds of cuisine throughout the world. It's no wonder! Chinese meals are tasty, nutritious, and the wide selection means there is something for each taste.

Vocabulary of Ordering Food

There are lots of various sorts of foods obtainable, from the different regional dishes of China, to Korean, Japanese, and Western.

Vocabulary of Drinks

China's most renowned beverage is tea, and rightly so. The Chinese are already cultivating tea for thousands of years, and also the approaches for processing tea have remained virtually unchanged of n...