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Vocabulary of Chinese dishes

Chinese food is one of the most famous kinds of cuisine throughout the world. It's no wonder! Chinese meals are tasty, nutritious, and the wide selection means there is something for each taste.
As with a lot of cultural exports, the names of some Chinese dishes have altered by the time they arrived in other countries. So if you go to China or Taiwan, you could possibly find the names of dishes are unfamiliar.
If you visit a Mandarin-speaking nation, this list of popular Chinese foods dishes can help when it comes time to ordering foods. The objects are already approximately organized by type of food.
Chinese Pinyin English
水饺 Shui3 jiao3 Dumplings
馒头 Man2 tou Sticky buns
包子 Bao1 zi Steamed stuffed bun
炒面 Chao3 mian4 Fried noodles
炒米粉 Chao3 mi3 fen3 Fried rice noodles
白饭 Bai2 fan4 Steamed white rice
寿司 Shou4 si1 Sushi
萝卜糕 Luo2 bo gao1 White radish patty
麻婆豆腐 Ma2 po2 dou4 fu Spicy tofu
牛肉饭 Niu2 rou4 fan4 Beef and rice
蛋饼 Dan4 bing3 Egg omelet
北京烤鸭 Bei3 jing1 kao3 ya1 Peking duck
排骨饭 Pai2 gu3 fan4 Pork chop and rice
红烧鱼 Hong2 shao1 yu2 Fish cooked in soy sauce
虾仁炒饭 Xia1 ren2 chao3 fan4 Fried rice with shrimp
螃蟹 Pang1 xie4 crab
蛋花汤 Dan4 hua1 tang1 Egg and vegetable soup
紫菜汤 Zi3 cai4 tang1 Seaweed soup
酸辣粉 Suan1 la4 fen3 Hot and sour soup