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Vocabulary of Fast Food

Nowadays the fast food industry would be the most effective and magnificent one. The business is considered to be lucrative, since it doesn't require large earnings. Numerous quick food restaurants are now operating as franchisees. That means they use the image brand of a famous firm. Fast food is convenient, quickly served and inexpensive, so there seems to be no reason why love it.
fast food
Here are some vocabularies of fast food which will help you place your order.
Chinese Pinyin English
座位间 Zuo4 wei4 jian1 Booth
柜台 Gui4 tai2 Counter
起士汉堡 Qi3 shi4 han4 bao3 Cheeseburger
甜甜圈 Tian2 tian2 quan1 Doughnut
炸薯条 Zha4 shu3 tiao2 French Fries
冷冻酸奶 Leng3 dong4 suan1 nai3 Frozen Yogurt
生菜沙拉 Sheng1 cai4 sha1 la1 Green Salad
汉堡 Han2 bao3 Hamburger
冰红茶 Bing1 hong2 cha2 Iced Tea
番茄酱 Fan1 qie2 jiang4 Ketchup
美奶滋 Mei3 nai3 zi1 Mayonnaise
奶昔 Nai3 xi1 Milk Shake
松饼 Song1 bing3 Muffin
芥末 Jie4 mo Mustard
墨西哥黍片 Mo4 xi1 ge1 shu3 pian4 Nachos
披萨 Pi1 sa4 Pizza
作料 Zuo2 liao Relish
沙拉酱 Sha1 la1 jiang4 Salad Dressing