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Vocabulary of Ordering Food

There are lots of various sorts of foods obtainable, from the different regional dishes of China, to Korean, Japanese, and Western. Fast meals outlets are in all main cities, and you will find also upscale restaurants specializing in Western foods - Italian appears to be probably the most popular.
Restaurant Customs
Whenever you enter a restaurant, you will be asked how many people are in your party, and can be shown to a table. If an English menu isn't offered, and you do not read Chinese, you will have to inquire for aid, either from the waiter or perhaps a Chinese friend.
Most restaurants are open only for the duration of meal times - 11:30 to 1:00 for lunch and 5:30 to 7:00 for dinner. Snacks are available almost any time at coffee houses, tea retailers, and street vendors.
Meals are eaten relatively speedily, and it is customary to leave the restaurant the moment every person is finished. Generally one person will pay for that entire group, so be sure to take your turn in paying for the meal.
Tipping isn't widespread in both Taiwan and China, and you usually shell out for the meal at the cash register.
Chinese Pinyin English
请问几位? Qing3 wen4 ji3 wei4? How many people are there?
------位 ------wei4 There are -----people.
可以点菜吗? Ke3 yi3 dian3 cai4 ma? Are you ready to order?
我要点菜 Wo3 yao4 dian3 cai4 We are ready to order.
还没,再等等 Hai2 mei2, zai4 deng3 deng3 Not yet. Leave give us a few more minutes.
我要这个 Wo3 yao4 zhe4 ge4 I will have this.
是我的 Shi4 wo3 de That is for me.
请再给我们 Qing3 zai4 gei3 wo3 men Please bring us some….
请给我账单 Qing3 gei3 wo3 zhang4 dan1 Could I have the bill?
多少钱 Duo1 shao3 qian2 How much is it?
账单不对 Zhang4 dan1 bu4 dui4. The bill is not right.