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Vocabulary of Restaurant

Chinese food is famous world-wide, but absolutely nothing beats the real thing. Should you travel to China or Taiwan, you may undoubtedly desire to sample the wonderful cuisine. The employees of a lot of the more compact restaurants do not speak English, so this list of typical restaurant things will help you get everything you want.

Restaurants which cater to tourists will probably have Western cutlery offered, but many of the smaller restaurants will only offer you chopsticks and soup spoons.
Chinese Pinyin English
餐厅 Can1 ting1 Restaurant
服务生 Fu2 wu4 sheng1 Waiter
汤勺 Tang1 shao2 Spoon
叉子 Cha1 zi Fork
刀子 Dao1 zi Knife
筷子 Kuai4 zi Chopsticks
餐巾 Can1 jin1 Napkin
菜单 Cai4 dan1 Menu
饮料 Yin3 liao4 Beverage
杯子 Bei1 zi Glass
Wan3 Bowl
盘子 Pan2 zi Plate
我吃素 Wo3 chi1 su4 I am vegetarian.
味精 Wei4 jing1 MSG
Yan4 Salt
Tang2 Sugar
胡椒粉 Hu2 jiao1 fen3 Pepper
酱油 Jiang4 you2 Soy sauce
麻油 Ma2 you2 Sesame oil