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The Appellations of Family Members in China

The appellations of family members in China are quite different from western countries. In this article, we will teach you how to call your different relatives in Chinese.

Greetings in China

Greeting is a kind of social communication when greeting each other.

China Greeting Etiquette

China has been known for a nation of etiquette and ceremonies for thousands of years.

Hello in Chinese-Ni Hao

你好(ni3 hao3, Hello) can be said to people whether you are familiar with or not. It is a sign of respecting others. 你好 is often said to greet people or before you ask other people questions. It has...

Common Chinese Greetings

When you happen to visit Chinese-speaking countries, there are lots of words and phrases you will use, which is called the common Chinese greetings.

Address in Chinese Greeting

Most of western nations accept hugs and kisses as a well-known form of greeting though a handshake is still the formal way of greeting individuals.