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The Appellations of Family Members in China

The appellations of family members in China are quite different from western countries. In this article, we will teach you how to call your different relatives in Chinese.
爷爷 Ye2 ye Father’s father
奶奶 Nai3 nai Father’s mother
外公(姥爷) Wai4 gong1(lao3 ye) Mother’s father
外婆(姥姥) Wai4 po2(lao3 lao) Mother’s mother
伯伯 Bo2 bo Father’s elder brother
伯母 Bo2 mu3 Wife of father’s elder brother
叔叔 Shu1 shu Father’s younger brother
婶婶 Shen3 shen Wife of father’s younger brother
姑姑 Gu1 gu Father’s sisters
姑父 Gu1 fu4 Husbands of father’s sisters
舅舅 Jiu4 jiu Mother’s brothers
舅妈 Jiu4 ma Wives of mother’s brother
Yi2 Mother’s sisters
姨父 Yi2 fu4 Husbands of mother’s sisters
堂兄、堂弟 Tang2 xiong1、tang2 di4 Sons of father’s brothers
堂姐、堂妹 Tang2 jie3、tang2 mei4 Daughters of father’s sisters
表哥、表弟 Biao3 ge1、biao3 di4 Sons of mother’s sisters and brothers
表姐、表妹 Biao3 jie3、biao3 mei4 Daughters of mother’s sisters and brothers
嫂子 Sao3 zi Elder brother’s wife
弟妹 Di4 mei4 Younger brother’s wife
姐夫 Jie3 fu Elder sisters’ husband
妹夫 Mei4 fu Younger sisters’ husband
侄子 Zhi2 zi Sons of brothers
侄女 Zhi2 nv3 Daughters of brothers
外甥 Wai4 sheng1 Sons of sisters
外甥女 Wai4 sheng1 nv3 Daughters of sisters
小叔子 Xiao3 shu1 zi Husbands’ younger brother
小婶子 Xiao3 shen3 zi Wife of husbands’ younger brother
大姑子 Da4 gu1 zi Husband’s elder sisters
小姑子 Xiao3 gu1 zi Husband’s younger sisters
大舅子 Da4 jiu4 zi Wife’s elder brothers
小舅子 Xiao3 jiu4 zi Wife’s younger brothers
公公  Gong1 gong Husband's father 
婆婆 Po2 po  Husband's mother 
岳父 Yue4 fu4   Wife's father
岳母 Yue4 mu3   Wife's mother