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Common Chinese Greetings

When you happen to visit Chinese-speaking countries, there are lots of words and phrases you will use, which is called the common Chinese greetings. These words and phrases will rapidly grow to be familiar to you due to the fact that you will use them everyday with everybody you encounter.
You should use a polite greeting if you meet somebody you know or wish to know. Nonetheless, in Chinese-speaking nations, greetings are offered a much greater significance than they are in America.
Essentially the most common ways to greet someone in Chinese-speaking nations are:
Chinese Pinyin English
你好 ni3 hao3 Hello/Hi
早上好 zao3 shang4 hao3 Good morning.
下午好 xia3 wu3 hao3 Good afternoon.
晚上好 wan3 shang4 hao3 Good evening.
In China, the standard greeting is commonly accompanied by a hand shake. Even so, different from rapid American handshake, the Chinese have a tendency to shake hands lightly and hold the handshake longer maybe as long as ten seconds.
Despite the fact that the handshake is much more frequent, many people favor a bow. If you are not sure what to do, wait until your Chinese counterpart to make the initial move. Then, just duplicate their greeting.
How are you? How's it going? A lot of occasions, in reality, that half the time, we do not even pay attention. These pleasantries are prevalent in Chinese-speaking countries as well. The Chinese phrase is the same as "How are you currently?" is 你好吗?(ni2 hao3 ma?) Other ways to ask how an individual is doing are:
Chinese Pinyin English
你怎么样? Ni3 zen3 me yang4? How is it going?
你最近怎么样? Ni3 zui4 jin4 zen3 me yang4? How's it going lately?
你最近好吗? Ni3 zui4 jin4 hao3 ma? How are you lately?
In response to "How are you?"
When somebody asks you how you are doing recently, there are many attainable answers.
Chinese Pinyin English
我很好,谢谢 Wo3 hen3 hao3, xie4 xie. I am fine, thank you.
还不错 Hai2 bu2 cuo4 Not bad.
就这样 Jiu4 zhe4 yang4 Just so so.
还行 Hai2 xing2 I am ok.
Saying good-bye
You'll find also many approaches to say goodbye.
Chinese Pinyin English
再见 Zai4 jian4 Goodbye
明天见 Ming2 tian1 jian4 See you tomorrow
祝你好运 Zhu4 ni3 hao3 yun4 Good luck!
下星期见 Xia4 xing1 qi1 jian4 See you next week.
保重 Bao3 zhong4 Take care.
走好 Zou3 hao3 Walk carefully