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Greetings in China

Greeting is a kind of social communication when greeting each other. It does not mean say “Hello” simply, but a necessary communication. In China, there are many types of greetings, the following are some examples.
Saying “Hello”
In China, when you meet people, you can say the following sentences as saying “Hello”.
你好( Hello)
Ni3 hao3
大家好(Hello, everyone.)
Da4 jia1 hao3
上哪儿去啊?(Where are you going?)
Shang4 na3 er2 qu4 a?
吃过饭了吗?(Have you eaten yet?)
Chi1 guo4 fan4 le ma?
怎么这么忙啊?(Why are you so busy?)
Zen3 me zhe4 me mang2 a?
久仰久仰 ( I have long been looking forward to meeting you.)
Jiu3 yang3 jiu3 yang3.
啊吖,真巧啊,我们是同乡。(What a coincidence, we come from the same city! )
A1 a4, zhen1 qiao3 a, wo3 men shi4 tong2 xiang1.
If you have already known each other, you can say following sentences as greeting each other.
好久不见,近来可好?(We haven’t seen for ages, how is everything going?)
Hao3 jiu3 bu4 jian4, jin4 lai2 ke3 hao3?
最近在忙什么啊?(What are you doing recently?)
Zui4 jin4 zai4 mang2 shen2 me a ?
If you meet the people for the first time, you can say
初次见面,请多多关照 (Nice to meet you.)
Chu1 ci4 jian4 mian4, qing3 duo1 duo1 guan1 zhao4.
你好,我叫….(Nice to meet you, my name is…)
Ni3 hao3, wo3 jiao4…
很高兴见到你(Glad to see you.)
Hen3 gao1 xin4 jian4 dao4 ni3.